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YOU know better than anyone… your current job / business / side hustles

just AIN’T getting you to where you want OR need to be.

BUT you’re also not in a position to quit & walk away entirely from what you’re doing now. Do you want something to fill the G A P S without exhausting the little “me time” you have left. You need income AND flexibility. You want to be in control WITHOUT having to engineer or build something from scratch… Something proven, something simple & straightforward, something capable of bringing in the kind of cash you can feel… QUICKLY!



It’s time for you to go from shortage to surplus. That’s what we were desperately in need of 2 years ago. We were already entrepreneurs, we had already been working from home - but we had it to our wits end with inconsistent income. One month up, one month down. Only in this stretch, we had 3 consecutive down months. It sucked.


There are times when life pushes you to a point just so that you’ll be open to something new [maybe that’s why you’re reading this now...] We started reselling as a hobby because Gary Vee had a #2017challenge to make $20,170 for anyone who needed more cashflow. Our hands went up & we nodded, that was us...and we went to work.

We sold all sorts of things in the those first few months, never cracking the $1,000/month mark. We weren’t on track to hit that extra $20,170. But we saw that reselling could bring in real money and quickly. It was starting to fill those gaps, but we wanted more.

What happened over the next 6 months was pure trial and error. Lots of error, lots of *facepalm* moments, lots of “Oh, shit! What did we just do?%@$!”. But on the other side of that tricky 9-month mark (that spells the beginning of the end for a vast majority of businesses) we started breaking the elusive $5,000/mo revenue barrier. It was at that point we were shocked with our own part-time results… and OFF to the races 🏇.

We went on to fine-tune, polish, and massage our new business model over the following months to string together the consistent cashflow we knew would make our lives easier… with more fun, freedom, & fulfillment… and a whole lot LESS stress.





On the right side of figuring out, learning the angles, and systematizing this new baby of ours was the realization that it never needed to take that long. The whole “cutting your teeth” process could have been totally skipped and side-swiped if we had the simple guidelines we have now. But there wasn’t anyone teaching how to do it in a step-by-step way.


You can spend countless hours on Youtube, fish through blogs & podcasts, and Google your fingers off but the 1-2-3-paint-by-numbers approach WE were looking for was nowhere to be found. Like so many great inventions, borne of necessity we decided to bottle up everything we’d learned and make this knowledge, experience, and advice available to those who…, like us…, were also looking for a breakthrough. We made it our business & responsibility to offer these 60k golden nuggets to help YOU shortcut, side-step, and jump the line to new levels of success.



DO you long for additional income you can OWN that you’re not a slave to?

ARE you comfortable where you at, but want a little more without going into debt? (i.e. New car, Vacation, Fun purchases. etc)

ARE you longing for a business that doesn’t require thou$$$ands or hundred$$$ in start up costs?

DO you desire to be on your own schedule, instead of being beckoned whenever your boss wants?

ARE you ready to explode your income without sacrificing all your freedom and social/family life?

ARE you totally on board with the idea of creating more income in your spare pockets of time?

The voice in your head telling you that things can better, that voice is right. It’s a friendly nudge from your desires to move close to the life you deserve.


It’s time to create a side income that works for you. You need something simple because you have a life. Ain’t nobody got time to reinvent the wheel. We’re not wheel-makers, we’re entrepreneurs. You’re here to get everything that’s on the table for you. We’ve laid out the Thanksgiving-worthy spread, now it’s up to you to learn our system and implement it in your own life.


I don’t care what the news or economists say about the economy, I see people. People who, despite working hard, are barely making ends meet. It’s so common to try and “make ends meet”. But they’re ENDS they’re not supposed to meet ;)

It’s time for extra - time for overflow - time for more. Let’s make living check-to-check a thing of the past. Let’s make any sense of money-related stress & lack a distant memory… like the disappear waves off the back of a cruise ship.

In the forefront, you have more cash and it hits your Paypal daily. Screw the bi-weekly bullshit. Your vision sees more opportunity to:

  • Have a super stacked savings

  • Venture out on the vacations your family used put off

  • Pay off the debt that’s been following you around like that sad piece of toilet paper from the bathroom

  • Finally fund the dream business that you’ve been putting off

  • Give generously to the causes that have deep meaning to you

  • Create experiences for your kiddos - be & give them more

It’s easy to take for granted, but any one of these accomplishments can be life-changing. You can do it all.


✅ Where to find the best items to sell

✅ HOW to run your business completely online & from home

✅ EXACTLY how to buy low & sell high consistently

✅ How to figure out the most in-demand items & brands

✅ Why YOU will have little-to-no competition

✅ WHO can help you grow your business for free

✅ What negotiation tactics actually work

✅ When to do what - AKA when you should make specific investments in your business

✅ How to make your items stand out against the crowd

✅ Details on how to identify a good buying opportunity 

✅ Saving money getting your items to their buyers (and making money on shipping)

✅ How to deal with ALL the customer service issues without going crazy!

✅ Our EXACT Blueprint to $5k months

✅ Identify Your Niche, Sourcing Opportunities, Your Strategic Advantages

✅ Learn the skills and processes of reselling and hone a skill you can fall back on no matter what

✅ Construct your success schedule that will allow you to make sales at all hours of the day & night while you’re off living your life

✅ Understand how to identify changes in the market so that you always know what to sell & your most profitable pricing


Module 1: Quick Start - High Level Overview of What To-Do To Get Started Quickly & Make Your First $1K

Module 2: Foundations - Mindset, Goal Setting, When to do What, EVERYTHING You Need to Get Going

Module 3: Sourcing - The In’s & Out’s of What, How, and Where to Get Your Inventory & How Much to Pay

Module 4: Listing - Getting Eyes on Your Stuff & Making People Beg You to Take Their Money

Module 5: Shipping - Super Savings & Avoiding Pitfalls When Getting Items to Customers

Module 6: Best Business Practices - Scaling & Growing Your Business Going Forward Over Time


🏆 8 weeks of exclusive group coaching

🏆 Daily accountability in the group (M-F)

🏆 6 Live Step-by-Step Training Calls covering each module with Live Q&A on the call

🏆 2 Bonus Calls on Topics of Your Choice

🏆 Our exact Templates for every area of our business

🏆 $1k Quick Start Blueprint

🏆 Income Prediction Worksheet

🏆 $5k Months Roadmap



Here’s the breakdown:

Module 1: $197

Module 2: $197

Module 3: $497

Module 4: $497

Module 5: $497

Module 6: $197

Bonus Calls: $497

Templates: $97

$5k Months Roadmap: $97

TOTAL: $2,276



Pre-Sale! (Save $500)

There are early bird bonuses for anyone who joins us & pays in full by Dec 31st at midnight PST!

*BONUS #1: Two 20-min 2-on-1 personalized support calls with Jarret & Hallie - VALUE $333

(we charge $500/hr for our coaching)

*BONUS #2: eBay Store Audit & Review (redeemable within 6 months of purchase)


You can also choose to extend the program over a pay plan of $99 every 2 weeks (8 payments). Or choose Early Bird pricing save $95 & get the 2 BONUSES INCLUDED. The Early Bird pricing is the lowest price we’ll ever offer. Regular Pay-in-Full price will be $1,197 starting Feb 2019.

Risk-free guarantee:

We (you & us) will continue to work together personally until you recoup your entire investment in “0-to-60k” (this course). You must be willing to share your store/listings & activity with us so we can ensure all recommended activities are being completed; as with any business if you are unwilling to do the work, no training course will help. However, if you can show you’re doing the minimum (ie. 25 new listings/week) we will lock arms until you get results.. that’s how confident we are in this program & what it can do for you!

This program is held entirely online starting January 14, 2019.

It is go at your own pace and we attempt to make everything as thorough yet concise as possible.

The purpose of the training is to get you to making $5k/month in the shortest path possible.

You have lifetime access to all trainings.

Check your email upon enrolling for log-in information.
If you have any questions email



√ Can I make enough to resell full-time instead of part-time? Absolutely! Reselling is,has been, and will continue to be a lucrative business. As you hone your skills, there is absolutely no limit to how big you can grow - including office space, employees, and beyond!

√ What if I have no business experience? Is this still for me? Yes! People from all backgrounds can and should add reselling into their existing schedules including teachers, business owners, stay-at-home parents, and students.

√ Is reselling difficult? Can I do it by myself or do I need help? The work of reselling is quite simple and while there are nuances, it is not difficult as long as you do the work. You can certainly build this business by yourself, although helpers like family and friends are always nice & welcome! :)

√ I won’t be able to start taking the course modules until such-and-such date? That’s totally fine! Once you’re enrolled, you’ve locked in your access.

√ How long do I need to devote to this? I have another job…will I still be able to start within 60 days? Time investment: 1-2 hours per week to learn from our trainings plus sourcing, listing, and shipping your inventory which depends on your personal speed & volume - about 10 hours a week as you get started. You don't have to go full force during the 8-week training, if you want to take your time you absolutely can! You have lifetime access so take as long as you need.

√ Do I have lifetime access to the course content? Yes, including all future updates!

√ Is this suitable for beginners? Yes. It the program for absolute beginners and newbies. The only prerequisite for the class is a willingness to take action and do the work! You do NOT need to have anything else in place yet. We will show you how to set up everything, how to pick items, how to set up your whole business from scratch. But you have to be open to learning and taking action! You do NOT need to have a budget or any special advantages to start.

√ I’m not sure what kind of items I want to sell - is that okay? Yes, we will tell you exactly what to sell to get the most return for your effort. You will be given the tools and framework to make decisions and scale your business after the initial 8 weeks.

√ Are payment plans available? Of course! The payment plan is in 8 bi-weekly installments of $99.

√ What is your refund policy? We offer a no questions asked 14-day money back guarantee. We keep it simple and stand behind our teachings, but if you are unhappy with the content, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee.


Jarret Byrd and Hallie Byrd Reselling

And we are so excited about this program!

Having a combined 20+ of experience running businesses I think it’s safe to say that we know opportunity when we see it.

Two years ago, we started our reselling business as a hobby, but quickly realized that it could provide a fun, part-time income that was significantly & partially passive. We specialized in rare, unique, valuable items that seemed so obvious to us but had only a small amount of competition.

We built this business organically in the pockets of spare-time we had from our other businesses — as we started to see results, we realized this could provide a HUGE service to many others.

And we love helping people get started. As our “0-to-60” program is launching for the first time the people who choose to go through this process with us will be our founding class and help shape the program. They’ll also get the most support because their questions will be directly reflected in the course’s material.

Here’s to life on the other side of ordinary in 2019 & beyond!

- Jarret & Hallie



*BONUS #1: Two 20-min 2-on-1 personalized support calls with myself & Jarret - VALUE $333

(we charge $500/hr for our coaching)

*BONUS #2: eBay Store Audit & Review (redeemable within 6 months of purchase)


You can also choose to extend the program over a pay plan of $99 every 2 weeks (8 payments). Or choose Early Bird pricing save $95 & get the 2 BONUSES INCLUDED. The Early Bird pricing is the lowest price we’ll ever offer. Regular Pay-in-Full price will be $1,197 starting Feb 2019.

By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, including our 14-day refund policy.