We're delighted you found us.

It all started when…

Two love-Byrds Jarret & Hallie, realized how much working together in business actually STRENGTHENED their relationship instead of tearing it apart. Who knew?

Fluke or formula? WE say formula.

And we're here to share why and how.

Couples in Business

Why: you want to start a business with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/honey

How: to accomplish that big desire without driving each other bat shit crazy

You found us because you were looking... looking for refuge from the depth of the interwebs with zip - zilch - nada about #couplepreneurs.

There's plenty of male-centric biz advice (often portrayed as gender neutral) and don't get us started about the #mompreneur movement (which is FANTASTIC!) but doesn't work when you're looking to get ish done in business TOGETHER, AS A COUPLE.

Truth is, the dynamics changes, you need advice, direction, & guidance for 2 people. Not one. 

If you’re looking for a place to start your couplepreneur journey, or enhance it, we welcome you with open arms!

About Couplepreneurs

Imagine...the feeling you'll have when everyday is like a Sade song ♫ 'every day is Christmas & every night is New Year's Eve..'

- THAT'S what we've created for us - That's what you want for you!

For us, starting our days together at the breakfast table and transitioning to the office side-by-side is magical. Taking a stroll on the river after lunch is peachy. And heading out to network in the evening is sunshine & rainbows. We've created our life - scratch that - we designed our lives to suit our deepest desires. 

Every moment of every day is not perfection, when has it ever been? But our life (in love & business) has never been better, never been so rich, so deep, so fulfilling. 

If you're so here for every ounce of freedom, fulfillment, & happiness we've described then stick around. 

It's been nice to meet you and chat & we hope this is just the first blossom of a fruitful relationship as we help you go & grow in your couplepreneur journey. The best way to stay connected and jumpstart your success is to grab all the freebies we offer here. Check them out and message us your thoughts!

Reach out via email at hi@withyourhoney[dot]com, FB Messenger, or Instagram DM