15 Reasons to have a 'Make Money With Your Honey' Lifestyle

WE all know that these days a higher quality lifestyle isn't all about keeping up with the Jones'. Thankfully, living the dream today has come to mean more of designing your life on your terms & less of fitting into the mold. For us, the lifestyle we've created has taken our happiness, relationship, and professional fulfillment to unbelievable levels. 

When you think about your Dream Lifestyle, what sets your heart ablaze? What gets butterflies going in your stomach? What gets you dreaming again like we did when we were kids? For some couples (like us) it's travel, and the freedom to do it whenever we want...For others it's material wealth, fulfillment, adventure, their children. From experience we know that creating a lifestyle where the two of you don't have to separate everyday just to earn a living & pay bills now opens up a world of possibility that wasn't there before. 

We wanted to explore some of the best reasons to learn WHY to create the lifestyle you've dreamed of with your honey.. 

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1. Love - Obviously!

You love each other. The way you think the same in some areas & stark opposite in others. You want to spend more time, not less, together. Creating a business together & building it from scratch is like raising a baby (without the diapers & crying...yay!) It brings a sense of pride to create something from nothing, and to have done it together is an indescribable feeling. So yes.. you love each other, want to be around each other more. Go forth and create your #MMWYH Lifestyle.


2. Flexible Career Options

Most jobs are not going to accommodate couples working together, or the Lifestyle you thought about in Reason 1... Most employers feel it would be a distraction. Maybe your career backgrounds can't be employed really together. They're afraid you'll both need the same time off (which is true). Whatever the case, when someone else is making the decision you've given up your power and your creativity. There are numerous beautiful ways 2 different skill sets can be combined to create a distinct, organic advantage. When you open your own business together your creativity can soar... 


3. Freedom

This is probably the NUMBER ONE reason that we've done everything possibly since we've met (through dating, being engaged, and now married..) to work together.  We didn't want anyone being able to tell us how many and which hours we could and couldn't spend together as a couple. We believe it's better to dictate your schedule together. It's the freedom to make sure you have all the same time off, can both be at that important event - recitals or games or award ceremonies. There is NOTHING like it - Life becomes incomparable.  Time is the one commodity we can NEVER get back.  Seconds & moments pass and they're gone forever. If you don't get anything else out of this post, we want you to get this - TIME is your greatest, most valuable, most irreplaceable asset.  And if you're anything like us you want control of that asset.  We can make money and blow money,  but we can always earn more of it.  The day someone comes up with a way to buy more time, sign us up! So for us, Freedom=Time. Kapeesh? 


4. Never having to Say "I can't"

We hated having to Say No to our family, friends, and son. "No we can't take that vacation" or "No I can't help you out even though you just lost your job" We needed to get the words "Can't/No/Sorry..." out of our vocabulary. Building a business was the only way for us to control our own income together.


5. Control

At our jobs we had to rely on someone else to provide a paycheck. Someone else decides of we get that pay raise our promotion. And placing your future and wellbeing in someone else's hands became a scary proposition for us. As a couplepreneur you get to make the decisions - what problems can you solve by launching a business?. where is your company going to grow, when will you expand? what partnerships will you take on? Plus, you get choose who you work with and how often. The amount of control when driving a business is liberating. On the other side, it's certainly a battle to keep yourself on pace & focused. Remember this too: You must be willing to be your own worst boss & best employee. 


6. Family

We are of the belief that families should be the tightest organizational unit in our society. Call us old-fashioned, idealistic. We know that at the end of the day, family is all we have. And the ability to earn money together is one of the most empowering and liberating experiences that a family can know. It insulates us from an uncertain world, and strengthens us as a tribe. 


7. Grow Together Instead of Apart

A friend once shared that the main reason couples break up is because they've grown apart more than grown together. Whether that's their philosophy on finances or making money, raising children, or just arguing in general. We all start as two individuals and the longevity and success of our relationship depends on intertwining and growing together. We start as 2 roots and our relationship becomes the tree.  Our goal is to grow the oldest, most beautiful, strong, fruitful tree. So, having a MMWYH lifestyle allows you to grow together because you're working on the same profesional goals,  developing each other,  and growing the baby that is your business. 


8. Legacy

The only things that will remain when we leave this earth is our inheritance, debt, assets, and impact you had on others. Let's leave something our children can build on. Something that can serve them as an asset (not a liabilty). You can have a GREAT job (comfortable, well-paying, even prestigious), but there's nothing you can leave from that job for your successors - not your time, not your accomplishments. That job stops with you. Not even lawyers and doctors are exempt. Making money with your honey is a way to make money such that when your time is up your family and kids can take advantage of your efforts and take your work even further. 


9. Banish Financial Strife and Stress

Your income is in your hands. And you're both working towards your goals. Stressful is when the bills are what they are and you know exactly how much that 9-to-5 will bring in on Friday yet you still have a deficit, things just don't add up. It's likely that you produce several hundreds of thousands of dollars for your employer.  Let's help you produce that for your own family. I won't venture to say it's easy, but when things are in your control there's a certain level of clarity. Your job says show up, do the work and you're worth $X/hr or a year (and not a penny more!). Your business begs to be taken to higher level and it's hard to have strife when you both know you're working busts off to accomplish your financial goals.. together. This won't solve the periodic arguments about things like impulse buying, snoring in your sleep, or undone - honey do lists, but it can help you navigate around the financial landmines many couples face. 


10. Quality of Life

Your Honey, love of your life, sweetheart; what better way to spend a day than with each other? We are so thankful everyday to wake up next to each, spend our days together, an end our days together. No longer are we subject to the reality of parting each and everyday to make an income. Many couple become like passing ships in the night, and parents see their children grow horizontally in bed because they leave for work so early and come back home so late. This isn't about money, it's the quality of life you curate together. And there's no better feeling than 


11. Travel

Our fave! Just imagine traveling to your heart's content together without ever having to request time off. To be in Bali, Belize, or Botswana with your honey without having to negotiate (with your boss), scrimp (on gaining priceless experiences together), cower (at the office from guilt). Making money with your honey is about more than income it's the lifestyle, experiences, and memories you create with your loved ones.


12. Increased Appreciation

Trust us, you will appreciate the intricacies of your Honey 10-fold as you build your business. That's not to say there won't be the occasional eye roll, frustrated sighs, and unintended & unpleasant criticism. But you WILL have more patience, more appreciation, and a deep, more meaningful bond as a result of the path you've chosen to take, together


13. Patience

Boy, oh, boy! If you ever thought patience was a virtue you'll find a new need for it as couplepreneurs. Imagine being calm, we're talking yoga-level calm - the yoga-level calm of a monk deep in mediation in the most serene jungle of sparkling butterflies, mossy waterfalls, and the songs of peaceful flutes. You'll feel so accomplished in your relationship you might think of yourself as that monk so go on with your bad monk self! Patience will comes & it will serve you in ways you honestly can't imagine at this stage..


14. Shut It Down

When it's time for just you two or family time, you can both agree on parameters and stick to them. There's no boss asking why you didn't reply to that email at 11:46pm. You pick the limits and shut off rules that work for the two of you. There's no comparison to this lifestyle. That's why we're passionate about helping other couples achieve "the dream". Let's get rid of your 9-to-5's and start your Make Money With Your Honey lifestyle.


15. Your Neverending Honeymoon

You get to fall in love with your honey over and over and over again because as you guys will grow together on new levels, you'll find new things to love about them. Their creativity, ingenuity, problem-solving, their initiative to make things happen, their patience with you! It's an on-going cycle of growth, stretching, and blooming together.

As you can tell we're big believers in this couplepreneur lifestyle. But we're just curious which of our reasons are your favorite? Did we forget any perks to Making Money With Your Honey?

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