Are You Risking Your Relationship Starting a Business Together?


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Some of you may be toying with the idea of starting a business, but let's catch that elephant in the room. "Am I risking my relationship by starting a business with my honey?" Simple: I. Don't. Know. Are you? See, there's two perspectives you can use to look at this.


Business first.

How bad do you want to go in business?

Is it necessary to do it with your honey?

See, you need to know why you want to go into business. Is it just to have a business? Or is it to create a lifestyle?

If you just want a business to have a business there's really no reason to go into business with your spouse. You can have a successful business and retire your spouse. You can work them out of their job.

You know your personality type or your honey's personality type and working together may not be the best fit. We never promised that this would be for everyone.

What we're here to do is show you how you can become couplepreneurs, create a business successful, AND enhance your relationship successful.

That is, of course, IF you want to venture down this crazy, fun, adventurous life of building a business with your spouse. We're your guides to show you how to have a business that actually elevates your relationship, not detracts from it.

So is going into business going to put your relationship at risk? Your first thought may be: "If I'm going into business by myself, no."

But the stresses of building a business and the sacrifices required will have effect on both parties in a relationship. Absolutely, going into business for yourself can put your relationship at risk. It can cause break-ups or even worse: the Forbidden "D" word (that rhymes with horse).

Absolutely, going into business for yourself can put your relationship at risk.

So while you can look at your business as business first and relationship second (meaning not that you put your spouse second in your life but that from a business perspective you're focused on your business by yourself, not with your spouse), doing that can also cause stress, disagreements, and major issues so you have to learn how to get on the same page and we give you some examples of how to do that in our Couplepreneur Relationship Prep Guide. 


Relationship first. 

Now, if you're creating a business to create a lifestyle for yourself and your family and your honey then you're obviously going to want to think about your relationship first because the end goal of your business is the lifestyle.

It's not having a business to have a business.

So you must have even stronger agreements when you're first going into business. Now, the benefits of going into business with your spouse are that: 


#1 You can be on the same page

This idea of being on the same page has to do with your mentality. I cannot emphasize the importance of being on the same page enough.

Try this on for size...If you tied a string between two cars going in opposite directions the string breaks. Pretty simple.

But if those cars are going in the same direction they can maintain that bond for an indefinite distance.

Think of that string as your relationship. The more closely you can align yourselves to each other, to your goals, and to your work the longer you can continue on the same path.

We're aiming to get you both on the same page mentally and into action. 


Tweet this or tweet that:



#2 You're working towards a common goal

Now, working towards a common goal means mentally you're aligned, so the next obvious step is implementing action.

When you are on the same page mentally, it's much easier for your actions to be on the same page. Once you are clear on the action need you can move forward together.

Now, going back to putting your relationship also want to have this in mind as you set out what actions each person will take:

Where is each person comfortable?

Where do you or your honey need to push themselves outside of your comfort zone? (Because we all know that's where the magic happens)

The idea is even though you may be taking separate actions each of your actions is getting you closer to the goal, whatever that may be.


#3 You have equal sacrifices

One of the beautiful things about putting your relationship first is that you each have equal sacrifices. See when one person is an entrepreneur and the other is not, the entrepreneur makes one set of sacrifices while their honey makes an entirely separate set of sacrifices.

Build together and you're both sacrificing time, effort, creativity. And you're doing it together. No one person should be making greater sacrifices than the other. It's kind of like having a baby: you both will sacrifice some sleep, change diapers, and give up some social outings.


We now interrupt this message for a Public service announcement... 

Some people flirt with the idea of going into business together, but flirting is always easier than commitment. So as you read this you may be questioning whether or not this is for you. So I want to take the time to interject a public service announcement:

Let's get a quick dose of reality, shall we? Jobs are risky. You rely on someone else for your paycheck. You don't have the highest level of decision-making power at your job. So we give up our power for a sense of security, we give up control. Business IS more secure. It's more secure because the source of your paycheck is coming from somewhere that you have decision-making power. You are in control, not someone else. And it's time to learn to trust yourself more than you trust a stranger who went out and did the damn thing!


Back to your regularly schedule programming

We know that couples break up from finances. The solution: Control your finances together.

It's much easier to both be contributing factors in your business because there's no ability to play the blame game. When money comes in, it's a success for both of you.

If your money slows down, it's the responsibility of both of you to get your money back up. Being couplepreneurs pits you against the world, not against each other.

How can you both go out and create success? Being a couple in business allows a beautiful workspace to find comfort in - knowing that the career stresses we all go through can be confided in and understood by your honey. 


So are you putting your relationship at risk? Of course. But only you know how far your relationship can go before it breaks.

If you love each and can't seem to spend enough time together - you know, you're one of those couple (like us!) - then I can't think of a better way to celebrate your life and love. Becoming couplepreneurs will open you up to a deeper world of connection. It creates new challenges and opportunities to grow and love your spouse. I wouldn't set up my life any other way.

Becoming couplepreneurs will open you up to a deeper world of connection

So here's how the simple path to being a couple in business.

Start small & Grow.

Sound too simple? Maybe. But, right now you likely have two or more jobs between the two of you. It's time to add something better to your plate.

We like to say "If your plate is full and your bank account isn't - it's time to move some things off your plate!"

It could be your bank account, it could be your life purpose, anything...If your plate is full and your _______ isn't fulfilled to its highest level, make room for something better and bigger! 

If your plate is full and your bank account isn’t - it’s time to move some things off your plate!

Ta-da! You just went from two jobs (you and your honey) to two jobs plus a side business.

And now you're going to grow that from a side hustle into being full-time entrepreneurs working for yourselves as couplepreneurs, being that "IT" couple, power couple, or however you see yourself. We want to help! Drop any questions in comments below and we'll be sure to answer.


As you prepare for this journey we created this nifty prep guide for you. So, here ya go! Make sure to grab your FREE copy!

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So I want you to ask yourself, after reading this, how excited are you about moving forward with your business and going into business with your spouse or significant other? And what challenges make you the most apprehensive about this path? Let us know in the comments!