Start Making Money With Your Honey


So you want to be a couplepreneur? A power couple?

Well boy, do we have some exciting things in store for you. As couplepreneurs ourselves for the past 2+ years we've been blessed to live, love, and work together. And we've decided that other couples just have to know what a wonderful world lies on the other side of ordinary. 

Is it easy? No.

Is it worth it? Indubitably.

So... Let's hash it out. 

Maybe both of you are working full-time and you're desperate to work your way out of the grueling days where you're just passing ships in the night, where you only find time to have a real conversation between Friday night and Monday morning (if that!).

Maybe you both have absolutely genius ideas and you just KNOW if you launched that business, that idea would transform your life, BUT you're quickly brought back to the 'reality' of job, kids, etc.  

Well, well, well...We're here to shake you out of that reality & into the reality of free enterprise.

Your perception will always be your reality and Make Money With Your Honey is here to change your perception, give you the tools to be successful, and to support you in your journey.

It's time to start making money with your honey because later, someday, and one day are the enemy of your success in love & in business (And also NOWHERE to be found on a calendar).


Don't hesitate any longer, grab your free copy of "The 7 Fastest Ways to Start Making Money With Your Honey"


We've become obsessed with all things "couples in business".

And here's what we found: Crickets.

Yep, that's right!

It's like our little niche of couplepreneurs is hidden behind cutesy pics of young love & stereotypical "power couple" photos, but substance? Pfff.

The entire social media world knows that couples aren't actually crazy enough to endeavor into business together.

We don't buy it & since we were craving that substantive content, validation, and guidance when we ventured down this path we figured other couples were too. Despite searching high and low we came up empty-handed and charted down the course anyway.

Two years in, we've made it past the test phase and are eager to guide others to a couplepreneur lifestyle. You can save yourself the mistakes, headaches, and arm-wrestling we endured.

See we know that at least 14% of family businesses boast husband-and-wife CEOs (American Family Business Survey conducted by the MassMutual Financial Group and the Raymond Institute).

We see a way we can help grow this number & from experience we know this little group is vastly undeserved when it comes to resources, ideas, and tools (again, enter Make Money With Your Honey). 

So, here's where the rubber meets the road. Are you now ready to take the journey? I'd say yes. You read this far.

Seriously guys, we're not talking about moving mountains, we're talking about starting that company, blog, product, or service (WITH YOUR SPOUSE, SIGNIFICANT OTHER, OR FAMILY MEMBER) that will get you to the next level.

Let's level up your life. Together. 


Hallie (wife half of this blog & business) and Jarret (husband half of this blog & business) have not perfected the peachy, rainbows, and butterflies working relationship (not sure if that even exists!) but we have created several businesses & side hustles together that allow us to Make Money With Our Honey.

Real estate.

Network Marketing.

Business Plans.

Web & Graphic Design.

Hosting Events.

Even Yard Sales.

Now, this blog & business.

As you can see this runs through our blood. We're not mega millionaires (yet!), we're a regular couple that puts our time together and working together as a top priority.

And we now realize that there are other couples who want the same. To design their schedule, work, and lifestyle together.

So here we are! Your new support system. We're going to help you design the life you want. Walk you through how to get started. Navigate you through the challenges. Talk about our successes & challenges, and share how other couples are making this beautiful chaos work for them.

It's beautiful, messy, fulfilling, and frustrating. We wouldn't have it any other way and most of the couples we know who live this life feel the same. It's time for you to join us.

Take the first step and get your copy of "The 7 Fastest Ways to Start Making Money With Your Honey" now.

Ok, how exactly do I do that? Well, we're glad you asked. Today, we're covering 3 of the absolute lightning fast ways to test the waters. Because many of you are probably asking "Is this 'Make Money With Your Honey' thing even for us?!" 

1. Garage/Yard Sales  

You heard us right! Yard Sales. Why? Because if you do this right here's what will happen: you will test your relationship. So take it seriously. It's a little, mini beta-test for you. It won't ruin your relationship. It won't send you down a rabbit hole you can't get out of. It won't take a ton of time. But it will require you to share ideas, sell together, tag-team & pull out your couple magic. We've personally brought in thousands of dollars in the past year hosting yard sales, have met wonderful people in our community who have led us to some great business contacts, and freed up some capital to go towards marketing materials for our newest ventures.

2.  What do you do already?

Take advantage of all the skills you have. Take inventory on every skill, talent, odd ability, tasks you regularly complete, current/past profession. Pick the one you think would be the most profitable between the two of you. And start to Market yourself! Many people overlook the things that they're already doing in their current job that may be highly valuable to others. Are you creating graphics for your employer? Are you a master organizer for your office? Do you have some system or process that saved you a ton of time and money? Heck, are you toting your kids around from sport to sport? Get creative here and find that what you're already doing can be the launch pad for an incredible business. We once heard a woman who took her inventory and found that she spent most of her time transporting her kids. She's now turned this skill into a massively successful airport transportation business. Start to network in your community, through the Chamber of Commerce, local Facebook groups, Craigslist. Find out where your customers are and begin to offer your services. 

3.  Host a #MMWYH Date Night 

Stuck on ideas & are not ready to move forward? Why not get your couple friends & other couples in the community, etc. together for a business strategy date night. Open your home and start to brainstorm with each other on how you can create you are perfect make money with your honey venture. Sometimes hearing outside opinions or other people's perspectives on your skills and what you can bring to the table will open up doors you never thought possible. There is power in numbers. There's power in Mastermind groups. You could either do this as a monthly event and even take donations for pizza, drinks, etc.  and set aside the profits for when you have the idea you're ready to Launch.

Either way and whatever you decide we hope we've equipped you with some starting ideas to get you making money with your honey.

It's not about launching the perfect business or that big idea just yet but start to learn and dive deeper into your relationship and bring in some extra income that you can set aside to launch your biz, to save & create better financial habits, or to invest in other income streams.

Here's to all of your fun ideas and for the remaining 4 ideas please download the awesome bonus: "The 7 Fastest Ways to Make Money with Your Honey". 

Comment below: What's your next step to start making money with your honey? What has held you up in the past?

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